The official CraftMine website has been moved to

Any new mod requests, help or threads will be completely ignored. Currently ongoing help and support threads will still be answered though. This website will still stay here for those who need help with old versions of CraftMine (below v3).

What's CraftMine?

A unique and innovative modpack, with all the things you're familiar with, and more...

Exclusive to CraftMine

  • Less lag and better graphics
  • New types of foodstuff for better farming
  • Upgradable chests and furnaces
  • Beautiful lag free* shaders without bugs** 


A tutorial on how to install CraftMine is here

The CraftMine logo is copyright (C) Splatter Inc.

* Only guarantied to be lag free on computers that support OpenGL v4.3 or later
** Tested on AMD, may not be compatible with Intel